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I'm Dan Reuter. I am one of Brown County's public defenders, but I also help a limited number of private clients. The goal of my private practice is to help people who may not qualify for or be able to wait for free legal service, but who don't have much money. If you feel as though you sometimes fall between the cracks, with people getting lots of free stuff on one side, and not being able to afford what you need on the other, you might be one of the folks we are here to help. In order to do that, I keep my overhead low. My office is my cell phone, my interview room is McDonald's and other public places.

I've done a lot of different things, from milking cows to preaching the Gospel, so the chances are that, whatever your problem is, I have had some experience that connects with it.

If you have trouble that involves the law--a criminal charge, a child custody or support dispute, a need to be a guardian, a small claim against a landlord or a tenant, or against someone you hired or who hired you--this office is here to help.

Call me at 812-703-0660. If you don't get me in person, you will hear a message telling you that I return calls starting at 9 A.M., 12 Noon, and 5 P.M. on business days. When possible, I try to return calls earlier.

Snailmail: P.O. Box 907, Nashville, IN 47449.